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Anbieter Hochzeitsfahrten

China Vintage Car Rallye Hong Kong Beijing Ruedi Müller, Ruedi Mueller, O iO Oldtimer in Obwalden, 36 Strategeme, 32 Strategies

Rallye Hong Kong > Beijing
in interviews with participants, sponsors and Chinese people i met on the road
March 27 - April 8, 2007  


english german
1 = Interview Number
070325 = Date
> remarks  (Pic) = Picture

San Shi Liu Yi
36 Strategeme / 36 Strategies Stuff
actually one of my main interest in China
0 / 070422 Ruedi
der Podcast auf  http://strategeme.podspot.de/post/ra2hkbej/
Eine Zusammenfassung der Oldtimer Rallye Hong Kong > Beijing 27. März - 8. April 2007 und jede Menge Strategeme
  Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 7:21 AM 
I really liked listening to all your interviews on the web page.  I sent the link to all 24 participants last night too. Thanks James
 (James M. Rice, a participant of the rallye, living in China)

1 / 070325 Hubert
Hubert Westermann, President of Global Logistics Services
Global Logistics had shipped most of the vintage cars to Hong Kong. Hubert Westermann and his partner Axel Riege came to Hong Kong to check as to whether things are ok. Most of the participants had given up and had left for lunch. But Hubert and Axel had organized a meeting at the AAA = Hong Kong Automobil Association.

participants at this very first meeting, Saturday Morning, March 24, 2007:

  • Andrew Windebunk, AAA = CEO, Hong Kong Automobil Association
  • Hubert Westermann and Axel Riege, Global Logistics Services
  • Dieter Hornig, the organizer of the rallye and his spouse Xiaojuan Huang
  • Tom Hamilton, rallye participant
  • Dieter Everskemper, Holger Diederichs, rallye participants
  • Peter Jenny and i, Ruedi Müller, rallye participants 

> at the second meeting Saturday afternoon almost everybody involved attended and at the third on Sunday all rallye participants, listen Interview Nr. 5. with Tom Hamilton.

2 / 4070325 Stuart

I think it was Stuart Murdoch, the local representative of Global Logistics Services, who, together with Andy Windebank  AAA = Hong Kong Automobil Association and his staff, executed the  bold stroke to the „gordian knot“. Andy is the CEO of the Association and hosted the two meetings on Saturday.  

> Thank you very much guys, without your professional and kindly help, the rallye would not have taken off.

3 / 070327 Peter 1

Ein erstes Gespräch mit Peter Jenny über die Ereignisse der ersten Tage (etwas langfädig, nur für stark Interessierte)

4 / 070328 Ruedi 1

Informationen über Shenzen, die uns die Reiseleiterin im Bus auf der Fahrt zur „Fahrschule“ für den chinesischen Führerschein auf der Fahrt ins Verkehrszentrum Shenzen gab.

5 / 070328 Tom 1

At the group side (participants) Tom Hamilton was playing a Key Role after the “gordian knot" was cut through, (later Jim Taylor and  Fred Nelan, too) in setting up the rules and the negotiating with the Chinese Travel Agency (together with Jim Rice, who in addition, was granting the money that we had to pay in addition to the Agency)

> The interview with Tom comes in two parts, Tom part 1 before the class for the chinese driving license and…

6 / 070328 Tom 2

Tom Hamilton part 2 after the driving class

7 / 070329 Ruedi 2

Der Zwischenfall mit Beasty, Das wieder grosse Warten in Chao Zhou

> Listen Interview Nr 32 with Alastair Caldwell

8 / 070330 Ruedi 3 (Beasty)

Der Breakdown von Beasty, dem American La France, aus Sicht von Ralf Weiss und Kurt Schneiders
Interview mit den beiden. Kurt und Ralf erzählen, was beim Aufladen ihres 3, 5 Tonnen schweren Fahrzeuges passierte und dass das schlimme Folgen hätte haben können.

> der Spruch der beiden: could have been worse / could be worse

9 / 070330 Ruedi 4

Hat Mark Wang, unser Chefguide, Strategeme (siehe www.strageme.com) angewendet um uns unter Kontrolle zu halten? 

  • Strategem 7: Aus dem Nichts etwas erzeugen (Polizeigewahrsam Alastair Caldwell)

  • Strategy 7: Create Something out of Nothing (Alastair Caldwell with the police)

  • Strategem 19: Unter dem Kessel das Brennholz wegziehen (Chinesische Numberplates nicht abgeben)

  • Strategy 19: Remove the Firewood from under the Pot (not to distribute the chinese numberplates)

> Listen Interview Nr 32 with Alastair Caldwell

10 / 070330 Angus 1

Interview 1 with Angus Ling (English name), the interpreter of our local travel guide of the province of Fujian, while leaving Xiamen to drive to Fuzhou. You hear how we, first me and then the journalist, Jack Smith, had to fight to get a stop and how we tried to tell him that we are fed up driving on the Express Highways.

11 / 070330Angus 2

Interview 1 with Angus Ling. We learn more about the Province of Fujian and Xiamen and why from this Province many Chinese went abroad. Jack Smith brings up the story of this crazy army of Christian rebels. Angus does not know about this.

> Back home I searched the internet and found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiping_Rebellion Jack Smith was right. 

12 / 070330 Angus 3

Discussion with Angus Ling about the 36 Strategies

13 / 070330 Angus 4

Angus was the best guide we had. Here, while arriving in Fuzhou, we learn details about the capital of the Province of Fujian

14  / 070402 Peter 4

Unsere Etappen führen über 100erte von Kilometern. Peter Jenny und ich haben viel Zeit und unterhalten uns in diesen 3 „Sendungen“ über China, so wie wir es im „Drive Through“ erleben.

15 / 070402 Peter 5

16 / 070402 Peter 6

17 / 070402
Kong Dong (Andy)

This is -in my opinion- a very interesting interview with one of our local guides Kong Dong (Andy). First part is in Mandarin. It shows that there was probably not bad will that we drove always on the motor way (see Interview Nr 20). Peter Jeny got very angry that afternoon. Andy says that we are going to Hangzhou. But then, we passed the exit. Kong Dong said it was a group decision not to go there. The group turns out to be Jim Rice who lives in Shanghai and informed Kong Dong, that he will not visit Hangzhou, but prefers to drive home. The group was invited to have lunch at his nice villa. Thank you very much Jim and May.  
> First part is in Mandarin.

18 / 070402 Daniel

A refreshing talk with Daniel Rice (12), James Rice Son, who joined us, together with his sister, for one or two legs of the tour. Daniel tells us us how much he liked the wild (fast) ride with the Ferrari and Hans Bernbach.

19 / 070402 Dieter

Dieter Everskemper hing locker auf dem Parkplatz rum und so bat ich ihn, da ich schon mal dran war, auch um ein Interview. Dieter findet im Interview versöhnliche Worte für den Organisator und Namensvetter.

20 / 070402 Peter 7

Die Stimmung nach diesem Stopp ist sehr gut und auch die Aussicht in Hangzhou den nächsten Halt zu verbringen versetzte Peter Jenny und mich in freudige Erwartung. Wir sprechen u.a. über den feinen Kaffee, den wir gerade tranken und die günstigen Taxifahrten in China.

21 / 070402 Peter 8

Peter Jenny Wir fuhren nicht nach Hangzhou, sind an der Ausfahrt vorbei. Die Stimmung ist wieder im Keller. Siehe auch Interview 17 mit Kong Dong, da hatte es noch ganz anders getönt. In unserem grossen Kampf, endlich von der Autobahn runter, waren wir wieder unterlegen. 

22 / 070402 Shilei Zou

After the Hangzhou desaster i had to do something to motivate myself. The motivator was a young, elegant Chinese lady jumping out of a big Mercedes and taking pictures of the vintage cars. I asked here for an interview, which she willingly gave. In addition I got Shilzi Zou's (Sue) (Pic) mailaddress (cut out in the interview) and her telephone number. I called her in the evening and she and her sister Jialzi Zou (Anita) came to a drink at the hotelbar. We had lots of fun. And of course i asked them as well about the "San Shi Liu Yi", 36 Strategies.

23 / 070403 Ruedi 5

In Shanghai hatten wir 2 Tage Aufenthalt, die wir sehr genossen. Wann in China Happy Birthday gespielt wird, hören Sie hier

24 / 070403 Kathrin
Kathrin (Pic) is a nice young Taiwanese Chinese i interviewed, while visiting the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. We talk about the differences being a Taiwan or a Mainland Chinese and about the San Shi Liu Yi, 36 Strategies.

> i forgot, to ask you for your Chinese name, sorry Kathrin
I met Chinese men as well and have now contact with them. Proof: Jun Luo
(Pic) and Zhang Song (Pic)  but did unfortunately not have the equipment with me. Therefore no interview. My goal was always to learn more about the "San Shi Liu Yi", 36 Strategies. Most of them know them and i got the impression that they have been rather surprised  about a longnose interested in them. "You must be a wise man," i heard, or similar, what i liked of course very much :-)).

25 / 070404 Ruedi 6

Wir verlassen Shanghai mit 2 Oldtimern weniger, die aufgegeben haben. Die Gründe hören Sie in diesem Kurzbericht

26 / 070404 Marc 1

Visit at the Vintage Car Museum outside Shanghai on our Way to Nanjing and the question to our chef guide Marc Wang why there are no visitors in this huge, modern building situated a bit lost there in the also modern but somewhat sterile surrounding.

27 / 070404 Marc 2

Our fight for going to see nice places and not always stick on the Express Highway finally showed results. Marc Wang jumped in our car and we visited Suzhou which was nice and loud. The reason for the later you hear in the interview.   

28 / 070407 JimC

Jim Cummings, the Sunnyboy of our group, tells us why he and his friends do not drive on the Highway, but on back roads.

> Peter Jenny, do not listen to this one. You might not stand it.

29 / 070407 Peter10

Die letzte Gesprächsrunde mit Peter Jenny, mit dem ich das “Chine Drive-through on Express Highways“ Schicksal teilte.
Schuld haben jedoch nicht ausschliesslich unsere chinesischen guides. Die Strecke mit über 4000 km in 10 Tagen ist einfach zu lang. Weniger wäre mehr gewesen. Beizufügen ist noch: es gab Fahrer, wie Jim Rice und Justin Ding, denen es auf den Express Highways mehr als wohl war. Und ihnen folgten unsere Guides.

30 / 070409 JimR

James (Jim) Rice, the participant whose second homeland is China,  was contributing in more than one way for a successful event

31 / 070409 JimT

Jim Taylor and Fred Nelan made there trip taylormade. They hardly drove on the Highway but preferred the back roads… and arrived at the hotel before the pack almost every day.
> Peter Jenny, you better skip this one as well. Jim and Fred followed the coastline, whenever possible and creeks they crossed by ferries as you can see here.

32 / 070409 Alastair

This interview with Alastair Caldwell comprises some surprises that you, particularly as participant, should listen to. Do you agree? 

> Peter Jenny, this is the third interview which shows what would have been possible on countryroads.  

33 / 070409 Giancarlo

In der kleinen Rallye Truppe waren 4 Schweizer, Peter Jenny und ich und Giancarlo Galeazzi und Hans Bernbach. Ausser mir, alles Ärzte. Hier das Interview mit Giancarlo Galeazzi und…

34 / 070410 Hans

…hier mit Hans Bernbach

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